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This event is exclusively for APG Members and Atlanta Celebrates Photography Portfolio Reviewees. Below are some FAQs about print swaps. You do not have to swap prints in order to attend the ACP/APG reception.

If you have any further questions please add them in the question section of the RSVP form.

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Atlanta Photography Group Gallery
7 - 9PM, October 7, 2016

75 Bennett St B-1, Atlanta, GA 30309


Frequently Asked Questions

Why swap prints? The Gallery 145 believes that sharing work between creators is one of the most overlooked opportunities that artists have. Exchanging your print for someone else’s allows you to create new relationships, puts your work into the loving hands, eyes, and minds of a new audience, and affords you the opportunity to begin a collection of your own. The benefits of swapping work are virtually endless! Why don’t we do this more??

How does it work? We have tried a few different methods of facilitating print swaps and have found that keeping it simple is best. At The Gallery 145 print swap, all you need to do is bring some prints, talk to other people who have prints, ask to swap.

How many prints should I bring? A minimum of 10 is usually a good place to start however, bring as many or as little as you would like to part with. The more you bring, the more amazing swaps you are able make.

Should I bring multiples of the same print or a variety of prints? We have seen this work successfully for either option. If you have a piece that you love and believe others will too, bring a few. If you would like to bring a wider selection of images, great! More images helps others get to know more about your work.

What size prints should I bring? If you feel that your work has to be a certain size and you are happy to trade it at that size, go with your gut. If you wish to make the work smaller than your regular (editioned print sizes), thats great too. Keep in mind that many are traveling to portfolio reviews which may make safely handling larger prints more difficult. Some participants have even mailed work internationally to one another after the swap!

What if I do not want to swap? It is possible that someone may want to swap with you even though you are not in love with their prints. It is always up to you who you swap with however, remember that the benefits of the print swap go well beyond what you are collecting. As an artist, you are giving a new viewer access to your work and that viewer loves it enough to want to live with it! That’s awesome!

Should I sign my prints? Of course you should! The Gallery 145 suggests participants include signature, title of work, date work was made, and a note about print being exchanged at The Gallery 145 Print Swap. If the work is out of edition, exclusive to this swap, note it! Be sure to use archival ink or pencil

I have an edition set for my prints, what should I do? Congratulations on having your work ready for the art market! We understand that these structures help artists pay the bills, or try to at the least, and we would never want to compromise or devalue that. An option for you is to bring strong prints that are from another body of work that is not set to an edition (or alternates from your project that are not editioned). It is also common for artists to bring work from an edition that is printed in a smaller scale not offered in the regular edition and are signed exclusively as a print that was swapped at The Gallery 145.

What if I have a contract with a gallery who represents my print sales? We think it is standard business practice to always discuss with your gallery what you are doing with your prints. Send them information about The Gallery 145 and this print swap event and ask for their opinion.

What should I do after swapping? Always ask the other artist for a card or contact information. You should also ask them if they are O.K with you posting documentation of their print to social media and if so, under what terms. The Gallery 145 encourages swappers to share their enthusiasm of their newly acquired work with the world thus creating an even larger audience for that artist. Exchange social media handles, profiles, and or web addresses, so you can direct traffic to each other’s personal sites.